The (simple) science

Maintaining healthy skin, the body’s largest organ, is crucial to overall wellbeing. When the skin barrier is dried out or damaged, it quickly loses its protective function becoming vulnerable to further damage from pollutants, bacteria and irritants.

every&one’s unique formula uses Squalane and Vitamin F in combination with Coco Caprylate (derived from coconut oil) to tackle both dehydration and barrier damage head on, providing extra and effective support in repairing and strengthening your skin cells. It’s a satisfyingly simple formula and it works.

Everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t

  • Squalane

    More than just a moisturiser, Squalane is a lipid that turbo-charges skin hydration within the dermis while simultaneously providing protection for the outer layer of the skin, leaving it less vulnerable to damage. A natural antioxidant, it also protects skin from free radicals and carcinogens as well as acting as a cleansing agent and detoxifier.

    Because it’s lightweight and derived from an ingredient that occurs naturally in our bodies, Squalane works harmoniously with the skin and is rapidly absorbed into the deeper layers of the dermis. As we age, our stocks of this multifunctional lipid deplete – making this a key ingredient to replace with topical skincare.

  • Vitamin F

    Vitamin F is an essential fatty acid from the omega family. An important player in healthy skin cell function keeping it strong and smooth. It works by encouraging the skin to produce, ceramides, the building blocks it needs to strengthen its barrier function, and limiting damage done by irritants and pollutants.

    Dermatological research has also shown that topical use of Vitamin F can reduce skin dryness and actually prevent inflammation – a contributor to skin ageing. It is also high in antioxidants and oil-soluble, meaning it slips into the natural skin barrier with ease to nourish, replenish and support its function in protecting the skin and retaining moisture, promoting a radiant and clearer looking complexion.